Why no one is engaging with your Instagram content and our tips to fix it

Makeover your Instagram

12 tips for a visual and strategic Instagram overhaul

With Social Media Branding Guru Kiki from Social Tiger (https://socialtiger.com.au)

Instagram is an exciting place – so let’s get excited by it!

So often business owners who manage their own Instagram accounts can get caught up in the negative chatter:

“The algorithm changed again!”

“No one is engaging with my content anymore!”

“I don’t have many followers so why even bother?”

And it goes on, and on, and on! I’m sure you’ve heard phrases like this, and perhaps even uttered (or yelled!) some yourself. #GUILTY

But Instagram is an important place to be for many businesses. And there are so many possibilities, opportunities and brilliant ways to expand your business through it.

We makeover small to medium business’ Instagram platforms everyday over at Social Tiger. We know what works consistently  – even when the algorithms change – and we’re here to show you in this two-part series.


  • Love your look
  • Hate to break it to you but people are shallow these days. There are more than 15 million businesses on social media so if your page doesn’t immediately spark interest or excitement, you have lost a potential customer.

    Your look should be defined by two things: your target audience and what they want to see and how you visualise your brand. Yes, you!

    If you’re going to be the one creating content, posting and engaging with your audience, you have to love what you’re doing otherwise it’s going to get boring real fast.

    Look at other Instagram pages for inspiration – within and outside of your industry, look at your target audience’s pages (what they like posting/seeing) and look at how you visualise your brand.

  • Tell your story
  • People think telling a brand story is done through words, and while words are a big factor, so is your layout. The first thing someone does when they get on your page usually is scroll. That scroll needs to be an experience. It needs to communicate to them (through pictures) what your brand is about.

    We love Preview App (http://www.instagram.com/preview.app) for planning a layout. That way you plan anywhere from one week to one month’s worth of content, organise it in an effective layout and then post from there. You already know the layout you have created is going to look great on your page – no guessing required. Preview’s Instagram page has some great layout ideas and so does Google!

    Here’s one of our client’s Instagram makeovers that follows a tile layout. Every second image includes her product and the other images are lifestyle/inspiration shots that reflect her beachy aesthetic. Quotes are every nine images.

  • Pick your palette
  • Colour palettes play a big role in your aesthetic. Your colours should include brand colours (what’s in your logo/website), product colours and any other colours that work in harmony with them.

    You want your page to look neat and professional, not to be a hot mess of any and every colour!

    Once you have your colours, try to stick to them for the most part. Don’t include images that have large amounts of colours which don’t fit within your aesthetic.

    Here’s an example of a client of ours. Their colours are pink, blue and white. The new Instagram layout reflects this better than their previous one which had a variety of colours.

  • Create your content
  • Content is vital on Instagram. People see your image/video first and then choose whether to read your caption. Content can come from a variety of places and should provide value to your audience. Every post should not be selling something!

    Posts can be inspirational, relatable, informative and entertaining. Of course, you will have posts in there that ‘sell’ but this is best done in a softer way through images or talking about the problem it solves. Rather than screaming “Buy my stuff!”

    Here’s a few places you can get content:

    • Professional brand images: Product shots or professional brand shots you have taken or had a photographer take.
    • Stock images: Photos that match the aesthetic of your brand and add to the look. Our favourite places to get stock images are Unsplash (https://unsplash.com), Pexels (https://www.pexels.com), StockSnap (https://stocksnap.io) and Pixabay (https://pixabay.com).
    • Reposted images: Share images you find on social media that match your aesthetic. Always be sure to credit the original owner if you can find them!
    • Create your own: Canva (https://www.canva.com) is an amazing resource for creating tips, fun facts, quotes, promotional images and more.

    This example shows a mix of content creation, stock images and reposted images

  • Find a favourite filter
  • We’re not about that #nofilter life, ‘cause a filter makes a good image great! For all of our clients, we find one filter or one filter set and get them to stick to it. This allows the images to flow perfectly and for your key colours to pop.

    Preview has many filter sets you can use. You can plan your layout and filter in the same app – so handy! We also like VSCO (https://vsco.co/) for a larger range of filters.

    Just ensure whenever you are adding filters that it is not discolouring the photo itself. Both of those apps allow you to reduce the filter intensity so you can find a sweet spot where the image is filtered enough but not too much.

    Here’s an example of what a filter can do!

  • Keep it consistent
  • The simplest but hardest step to follow! Consistency will see you achieving your visual goals and presenting a professional Instagram page. It will be easier and simpler to find and create content to post as you have guidelines to follow.

    Stick to your look, layout, colours, content types and filters. If you are doing any content creation on programs like Canva, it’s important to create templates to ensure the fonts, colours and style is all consistent.

    And that’s part 1! Follow these steps and you’ll have a stunning and successful Instagram page. Stay tuned for part 2 where we dive into the strategic side of an Instagram makeover. In the meantime, happy Instagramming!

    If you need help making over your Instagram, give us a shout! It’s what we do day in and day out at Social Tiger (https://socialtiger.com.au) and we simply love it! We’ll work with you to create an all-inclusive guide you can move forward with to meet your every goal.

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