Masterminds: Why You Should Be Doing Peer-To-Peer Mentoring

Leanne Webber is the ringleader at The Founders Team, Australia's fastest growing mastermind network. Your one-stop-shop for building genuine business connections.
Hello, I am so glad you are here!
Before we get stuck into the benefits, let me first explain what a mastermind actually is...
A Mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring meeting. A simple concept that when implemented right can have a HUGE impact on your business. The way masterminds work at The Founders Team is business owners are matched into teams of 6 for a monthly facilitated meeting, overseen by me, Leanne Webber. Our members are matched based on their application, because it is important that you are placed together with other business owners who share your ambitions and beliefs. We also ensure you are NOT placed with competing businesses so your wins and struggles are kept confidential.
Let me break it down for you...
  1. Goal Setting with Accountability
Do you have a long to-do list that just never seems to get shorter?
Have some of those tasks been on there for awhile? You know, the ones you’ve been procrastinating on, like getting your taxes done or following up overdue payments. Or maybe that one thing that has been on your mind and you would LOVE to do but #impostersydnrome and self-doubt has been creeping in too much.
We spend time in each meeting setting goals both big and small for the month ahead. These are not tasks you know you are going to achieve anyway. These are the goals you need that extra push on.
At every meeting, we read out the previous goals to check in on your progress. It keeps members accountable because they want to proudly share all the amazing work they have been doing and they DON’T want to be the one member to not have hit their goals!
  1. Connection / Community
Do your family and friends wonder what on earth you spend your days doing?
Do they constantly convince you a 'regular' full time job would be easier with less risk?
Do you try to share your wins only to be met with blank stares?
Or do you go to networking events where you just end up talking about the weather and don’t make genuine connections?
Our members are there for you through the hard times, the great times and the mediocre times. They understand what it takes to own and operate a business. They are going through the same things you are and genuinely want to see you succeed.
All of our members leave every mastermind feeling more inspired, motivated, reassured and on track.
Plus we hold quarterly member events, so your connection is not limited to your immediate group. Our extended community includes all our other amazingly talented mastermind members! You can also connect with them any time via Slack or our private Facebook group.
  1. Test new ideas
Have you got a new idea for your business?
Maybe it’s a new product you want to release or a new direction you want to go in?
Get some clarity, perspective and ideas from a team of clever business owners who have your best interests at heart. We love new things and the meetings come alive when we're bouncing ideas around. Consider your team a next level focus group!
  1. Overcome challenges
Okay, we all know business is tough. You'll have client issues, complaints, staff issues, late payments, cash flow challenges, self-doubt, and just shitty times in general. Sometimes we need an opportunity to vent to people who will understand what we are going through, and other times we need to sit down and brainstorm a solution to a bigger issue that needs resolving.
Most likely there will be at least one other person in your team that has been through something similar or has some advice to help you get through. You'll always leave feeling better with ideas and an action plan to help. If you feel like your challenges are too overwhelming and you need an extra layer of support, you can also reach out to me privately to chat about your issues throughout the month. I am always happy to meet for a coffee and a chat too!
  1. Celebrate your milestones with people that get it!
We get it. It's so exciting when great things happen. It makes all those tough bits worth it. And YOU made it happen. However, it’s quite common that our family and friends don't really understand what we do or why we put ourselves through the stress, responsibility and awful pay.
They also generally don’t understand why we need to celebrate wins and what they really mean to us. Your win may be signing a huge client, selling out of a product OR perhaps it is that you finally got your admin work up to date or that you got your legal agreements sorted. No matter how big or small, if you consider it a win, are happy and proud to tell us about it… you bet we will celebrate the heck out of it with you.
That’s why at the beginning of every meeting, each member shares any wins they’ve had since the last meeting. If it's a biggie... there might be some celebratory drinks too!

Leanne Webber, Founder of
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