Stevie Dillon: Five Easy Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Stevie Dillon, head honcho of Stevie Says Social unravels FIVE easy ways to increase your Instagram engagement
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Still chasing followers on Instagram?
That’s sooo 2016 guys, c’mon!
These days, engagement is where it’s at when it comes to cultivating a strong, healthy Instagram account with content that is actually SEEN by your followers.
Likes, comments, saves, DM’s.
They matter.
Because, algorithm.
This is how the Instagram algorithm works in 2019:
1. A new account starts following you.
2. Instagram shows a few of your recent posts to your shiny new follower.
3.If they engage? It’s a sign for Instagram to show them more.
4.If not, they’ll put your posts or stories in front of them a couple more times.
5.Still no engagement? YOU FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE CLIFF, aka their Instagram newsfeed - never to be seen again (slight exaggeration, but pretty much accurate).
And in case you were wondering? That’s a bad thing.
What’s the point of a whole heap of followers if they aren’t even seeing the stuff you post? (hint: there isn’t one).
So, how do you get engagement?
Well, I’m glad you asked.
Here’s five quick and simple ways to increase eyeballs, engagement and attention on your posts and stories.
  1. Check your engagement rate
In order to know when your Instagram engagement has increased, you first need to know where you currently stand – right?
The best way to do this is to measure your Instagram engagement rate.
Your Instagram engagement rate is the percentage of the total number of your followers actually engaging on your content. Liking, commenting, saving – it’s all counted as engagement.
Now, you COULD do this manually, but if you’re anything like me numbers aren’t your strong point.
So, the easiest way to do this WITHOUT needing a calculator or a penchant for maths is to use the Phlanx Engagement calculator.
Now, what constitutes a ‘good’ engagement rate depends on your number of followers.
There are some benchmarks set out in my free Social Media Bootcamp training if you want more detail around this, which just kick off, but you can still register here).
  1. Stories Stickers
The more interaction your stories get, the more people they are shown to. Luckily, Instagram makes this engagement and interaction EASY by giving us features like polls, sliders, question stickers and more.
They are quick, easy way to engage your audience and get them interacting with your Stories.
For example, you can ask people which of two products or colours your customers prefer with a voting sticker Or, you can use it to get people to weigh in on the things you are covering in your stories with a simple slider.
It’s a great way of getting valuable input from your audience, as well as to get them invested in the content you are producing on your stories
  1. Reply
When you reply to your followers, it give them the incentive to continue to leave comments.
It builds your trust, authority and likeability.
And it encourages others to reply too.
Seems like common courtesy, right?
Well, you’d be surprised.
Don’t be one of them.

Reply, and lift your engagement at the same time.
  1. Share your posts on your stories
Not getting enough eyeballs on your Instagram feed posts?
Did you know that you can share your post onto your stories?
Well, you can!
It’s a GREAT way to quickly and easily increase your Instagram engagement in 2019.
To do it, simply, click on the ‘paper plane’ icon underneath your post and then ‘add post to your stories’.
Then, add a ‘tap post’ GIF or something similar and a teaser telling your followers what the post is all about to encourage them to click.
  1. Show your face
We are smack bang in the middle of the era of HUMAN TO HUMAN MARKETING.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
People connect with people, especially when it comes to social media – a platform where people are ultimately hanging out to see updates from family and friends.⠀
So, show your face!
One thing I know for sure? Posts showing the faces behind the Instagram account outperform others by a ratio of at LEAST three to one. All of the time. (Almost) no exceptions.
And there you have it!
Five quick and easy ways to increase your Instagram engagement.
I’ve JUST scratched the surface, though?

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